“You are a woman, not a man! You don’t need to bother about funds!” said the mother.

Mom: “You were a girl and not a boy! I did bring you up like a boy but then you don’t have to take care of the family or the funds. We never asked for it! You had taken teaching but my son can’t. Even if we die of hunger, he simply can’t. He needs to take care of his family. He’ll sit back till he gets a good job in the corporate. We all are trying for that!”

Daughter: “But Mom I never wanted to become a teacher. I had much higher qualifications and wanted to do something else. I joined teaching because you all wanted me to. I never wanted.”

Mom: “So, what was the harm? You are a girl and we wanted you to remain safe.”

Daughter: “Huh!!!” (So was that it? All because I’m a woman, you and Dad took the liberty to ruin up my career?)

Have you heard of any situation like this before? I have! Many times! Every woman in our country has faced this kind of situation somewhere of the other in their life. Many of us have struggled our way up with our determination by our side and our spirits kept high. The gender discrimination starts at our very own home or what at least we call as home. We all have heard such sentences and never understood the reason for being told so:

  1. “If you go ahead with a molestation charge against someone, you might end up not being married for the entire life.” (So we leave the criminal, and let others also get molested??)

  2. “If you don’t wear proper clothes, you might end up being molested.” (Why can’t a man control his senses?)

  3. “You are a girl, you will have a prince who’s going to afford your stuff.” (Huh??)

  4. “You are asked to study because then you’ll have a good man to marry.” (Is that it?)

  5. ……and many more.

Like really? I get so astonished to still hear about such things in the 21st century, that I feel like to question people on their progressive thoughts. A woman is always asked to behave while a man isn’t. Why? Why is that so that we are still fighting for equal rights? Shouldn’t gender equality be natural?

It feels like to salute those women who had followed their dreams and to give a standing ovation to them who have supported them against all odds. Believe me, ladies, chasing your dreams is the best thing you can ever gift to yourself. Believe in the following:

  1. You are stronger. A man doesn’t make you strong as most of the patriarchal society claims to. You make yourself strong. You need to understand your need and work towards it against all the odds. Choose a man who compliments you and not someone who controls you. Don’t let the old-age prejudices hamper your choices.
  2. Marry and have babies only when you want to. Nobody is going to protect you if you yourself can’t. Believe in yourself. Have faith that there is always a right person out there. Marry only when you want to and to the person, you think can share your views. Do not have babies, just because the society sees a woman differently in case she doesn’t have babies or because your family wants. Take your time!
  3. Handle your bills. What a man can give, you can earn! If a man can fix the bulbs in the house, you can as well. If he can pay the bills, you can as well. Pay your own bills and rise above the gender domination. You don’t need a prince charming to be yourself.
  4. A career can help you manage you. When nothing works, the thing that can put you together and manage you is your career. Don’t play with it. Do what needs to be done and fix it up. If you can fill your career with passion, trust me, your life would be much better than a stereotyped woman’s life.
  5. You are beautiful the way you are. No, you don’t have to dress up to please the other person in your life. All you have to do is to please yourself. Keep your hair, the way you want to. Keep your eyelashes, dresses, nails etc. the way you want to. “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” remember? Curves or makeup don’t define you.
  6. You are only a woman. If someone reminds you that, laugh at them and tell them “Yes, I’m.” You can also give birth to babies along with every other thing that a man can do. You are coherently a more superior being than a man himself. You have the power to create, hence create yourself. Set examples!

Do what glorifies your existence dear ladies and the world will follow your footsteps!

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