The Power of Silence

Internal silence brings the right solutions because it makes the mind calm.

When we are faced with a difficult situation, our mind is flooded with thoughts. We also begin to talk about it a lot, describing the problem to all whom we meet. Then the problem looks so big that we feel we could do nothing to change it. Therefore we need to learn the art of silence(mental and verbal). Internal silence brings the right solutions because it makes the mind calm. And when we don’t describe the problem too much to people we will know there is a solution and we will be able to find it too.

When seasons change, we normally bring out the appropriate clothing for the coming season or buy new ones and update our wardrobe. In the same way, let us create some newness in our life this Season. This can be done by instigating a new habit, renew a forgotten habit or update an attitude to bring the best in us. When we are committed to bringing out our own inner perfection, we are never deterred by the temporary situations that come our way . Live with attention but without worry.

If you find that you have negative feelings towards certain people, then take a moment to transform your feelings. Follow your spontaneous instinct to give. The heart that gives is full of grace. So, do not just limit your good feelings to just one or two people. With an open heart, greet everyone with sincerity and love. Make your heart big and silently give good wishes to everyone you meet.


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