Patience is my natural sanskar.

Our mantra should be:

“I am a peaceful being. Patience is my natural sanskar. I am disciplined and sincere … but I do not pressurize myself or others. I carry an energy of ease and allow others to be at ease. My every task is complete in less than the time it needs. I have the art of balancing time and energy”.

Practising this mantra every hour changes our sanskar of always being in a hurry. In the process of saving a few minutes, we deplete inner strength. This mantra shifts us from being busy to being easy internally.

Less is more

A rich person is not someone who has more, but someone who desires less.

Calmness and tolerance act like air-conditioning in a hot room. They increase everyone’s efficiency. For the one who recognizes the need for bringing about a change, every situation is an excuse for doing something new. If there is no commitment to change in every situation, excuses are given and others are blamed. So there is nothing new that is done and nothing new achieved.


“I am a loveful soul. I prioritise harmony and happiness over my ego. I do not entangle with people who are disturbed. I put across my opinion but withdraw from arguments and conflicts. I live the truth but do not need to prove. I radiate pure vibrations so that they can raise their frequency, I do not lower my frequency to prove myself right.”

Like a tortoise gets into its shell, we also can withdraw from a scene of negative energies. We can be with people but internally withdraw from the attachment to prove our self. Ego to prove our self right only depletes happiness and health.

We have to think about our daily life, meals, tasks etc It is a necessary part of making daily life effective. But if we keep thinking about it all the time, then the necessary becomes unnecessary. To make daily life effective, think, but think when it is necessary. When you find yourself thinking unnecessarily, say to your thoughts, “not now, later.” Or say, “I have already thought this through, no need to think more.” Just put a full stop to the unnecessary thoughts.

Courtesy: Brahmakumaris

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