Movie Review: Race 3: 2.5/5

Race franchise has been endorsed by Salman Khan this time in the movie Race 3 which is an action-packed film with one as the mastermind of the game and that remains unknown to each and everyone till the end and as the story unfolds, there comes a lot of twists and turns. All the characters are dark and surrounded with mystery. the action sequences are bold and enormous at times. With a lot of glamour and fashion, this flick comes with girls swinging into action and not only the Khan.

The fancy set, expensive cars and bold dialogues don’t makeup to the audience’s expectations unless you see it in a lighter mode. The comedy in the movie is quite in place and sometimes you may burst out in sheer laughter (thanks to the writers). The plot may not be quite earthing but overall the movie is quite an experience.

Overall Rating: 3/5 Stars

Critic Rating: 2/5 Stars

Overall the movie is good if watched with a lighter vein.

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