Movie Review: Raazi: 4/5 Stars

Raazi is a movie that glorifies the love for the nation but outwits the humanity. It raises the question of the integrity of the war like never before. Should humanity and love succumb to the pressure of the war?

Alia Bhatt is definitely is in one of her boldest avatars and has pulled up the role with much ease and poise. Vicky Kaushal being the other lead has done an amazing potential role. This movie salutes the unsung heroes of the nation and also is an eye-opener for the sects of humans who apparently think that war is a solution while it’s not. Alia pulls off the role of an innocent Kashmiri girl who ends up being a spy, but at the end loses her innocence as that gets compromised in the way of serving her nation. Still, her never-ending love continues for the nation and that runs through her generations.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Critic Rating: 4/5

Overall, this movie is a must watch for people of all age groups.

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