How to worry less?

Worries are an illusion.

  1. Worries make us live in the future. They make us believe that we are busy and thus take us away from the present.
  2. Worries are an excuse for not doing what we really have to be doing.
What to do?
  1. A reactive person appears to be very busy and worried. With worry, no problem can be solved. So as a proactive person, you should focus attention on the present, act with initiative and the understanding that being calm and free from worry is far more effective.
  2. Do not entertain gossip and do not exaggerate what you hear before passing it on to others. Pay no attention to hearsay! Remember, what others think about you is none of your business!
  3. Create a constructive wave of positive dialogues and if you really do NEED to chit-chat then praise and honour others, applaud their efforts and achievements, for what goes around come around.
The method to finish waste thoughts is to deal with the mind, with love:

Waste thoughts in the mind which we want to stop is not only difficult but are discomforting. These thoughts create difficulties in one’s well-being and dishearten the person. On the other hand, when the mind is taught to take the right direction with love, there is a quick and dramatic change.

Hence, experience:

When I learn the art of speaking to my mind with love, I am able to free myself from waste thoughts without any feelings of suppression and depression. Concentration becomes easy as well and all thoughts are directed towards the right direction.

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