How to respect yourself more?

“Respect begets respect.”

Being courteous to people young or old, rich or poor, near or far helps one to understand the concept of being in prerogative to oneself. It’s difficult and mundane to not be able to stay in balance and in harmony. Gossips are unhealthy and so is disrespect. Honouring one even if the person doesn’t deserve to be honoured shows the positive side of you. It helps in healing the world. Thus, learn to honour everyone’s achievements, no matter how small. Even if the critics get onto your nerves and gossip-mongers get the best of you, avoid them!

Remember the mantra:

“I am a pure being. I am on an emotional diet. I consume only emotionally healthy information. I do not listen to anyone who is criticising, complaining or talking about people’s weaknesses. I am strict about my diet and I have the power to say NO to gossip.”

I do not want to do anything that violates my moral codes.
Below are the 5 easiest ways to create a healthy relationship with the world and with yourself:

  • Have your moral codes at the place!

Whatever it takes, don’t forget your moral values and belief systems and carry them everywhere you go.

  • Control and dismantle the clutter in your life.

Take full control of your life and do not let the clutter affect you in any way. The world will always have its own opinions but you need to realise your self-worth and act accordingly.

  • Help people to have a better day.

One cannot please everyone. But we can at least be cordial to everyone and take one person at a time per day and make them happy. A simple “Good Morning” can also light up someone’s day.


  • Wrong story? Leave… Don’t give up on self-respect by showing disrespect.
    If people respect you, respect them back.

Not everything around you goes as per the plan. But, if something fails and you know that anger can empower you, leave the place or the situation for some time till you get in control of yourself.

Once your self-realisation is at the right place, you know how to use your powers to control yourself. Then, the respect from the people around you for you grows.





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