How to bring permanent change in your life?

To bring about a permanent change we need to look at the same situation differently. To look at things differently, will bring in a lot of new perspectives. Thus, only with this new understanding will there be a new response! Trying to bring a change in a superficial way may bring in change but will not bring a long-lasting effect.

When you train your mind to think creatively you are able to keep your mind busy. In this way, you are able to free it from thinking negative and waste. Also, you find yourself enjoying every scene that comes in front of you and also finds yourself constantly progressing.

Thus, when we have to do something, we usually do it the way we prefer. We often do not think about how others might feel. Instead, we focus on our own happiness, ignoring how that act affects others. So let’s make sure that our actions do not make anyone feel uncomfortable or upset. When we do so, our actions will bring contentment to us and others. Thus, bringing in a positive change in the environment and ourselves.

Whether at work, at home or at any other place, the surrounding atmosphere affects us. If the atmosphere is stressful or negative, we can always choose not to absorb the stress or the negativity. How? By generating a calm, positive atmosphere through our calm, positive thoughts and feelings. We can contribute to creating a better atmosphere, and that will positively affect ourselves, the place and the people around us. thus, again bringing a positive change. Once we make this a habit, we can actually generate a lot of positive changes in and around us permanently.

Any habit we want to change needs to begins with our thought.

Remember the mantra:

“I am a powerful being. I am a master of my sense organs. I do everything I want to do. I eat and drink only that which is healthy for me.”

Any habit we want to change needs to begins with our thought. Often we think and talk about what we are unable to do and that becomes our mantra. More we think like this, more the habit gets stronger. Thus, create a thought, for what you really want to be and positivity will start flowing.

Achieve with patience!

What one cannot achieve with pressure can be very easily achieved with patience. Patience brings a state of calmness inside which helps in finding the answers that already lie within. It gives the courage to work on the problem in a cool and relaxed way until the solution is found. It brings creativity even to mundane things.

Be punctual!

Also, always be punctual. To arrive early, or right on time, is a sign of respect for yourself and others. By being punctual you reduce your stress levels and avoid causing inconvenience to others. The key is planning. Allow extra time in your preparations and for any delays. Remember, getting ready, even locking the door, catching the lift, walking to the car or to the Metro all takes time. Maybe, the secret to punctuality is as simple as waking up when you are supposed to wake up. Thus, plan well and ensure to execute it accordingly till it becomes a habit.

Understand yourself!

If you want to move people, if you want to motivate others for a project or even just to reach others, you need to be aware of the undercurrents affecting them and not their surface behaviour. The key to understanding others better is to be more aware of your own feelings and under-currents, because, at a deep level, we are very much alike. If you understand your own fears and strong motivators, you will understand others much better. Thus, to bring in a positive change, you need to understand yourself first. Do what is good for you, but in the process don’t end up hurting others.

Take charge of yourself and focus on your goals! Now!

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