Drastic transformation can be brought with meditation

Along with meditation, a good start of the day is reading spiritual knowledge, which can be done after early morning meditation. Drastic transformation can be brought about in your personality by doing this. Also, happiness levels increase and a capacity to remain empowered amidst difficult worldly situations increases by reading spiritual knowledge. Along with that, to receive the love and blessings of God, we need to change our personality through our own checking and self-effort. This is called inculcation of divine virtues. The more we fill ourselves with divine virtues like love, humility, respect, cleanliness and tolerance, the more happiness we will experience ourselves and receive the gift of God’s closeness.

Many of us go through this. We probably all have a relationship in our lives that need some bridge building at some point in Time. Like the saying “Rome was not built in a Day”, It is good to remember that bridges are not built in a day, they require time and effort. Today, Put effort into the way you connect and communicate, and step-by-step build a strong and stable structure for your relationships. These Bridges will open up new opportunities and possibilities. Create harmony even when another person seems a world apart from you. Find a bridge.

Remember the mantra:
“I am a powerful being. I am the creator of every feeling irrespective of the stimulus. No one can hurt me. I create every emotion and I have a choice. I forgive myself…by not blaming them for my hurt. I take responsibility…I heal myself…I forgive myself.”

Taking personal responsibility for the hurt we create is the first step towards healing. Forgiveness then becomes a natural way of living.

There are opportunities to learn and feel inspired from all that is happening around us. The children are a great source of learning. When little children stumble and fall, they may cry for a bit, but then they stand up and carry on. In the same way, we too have to be persistent like little children.Get over your embarrassment and self-consciousness. To be flexible is to enjoy everything that life brings.


“I am a pure being. I am what I want to see in the world. I live peace and love and thereby radiate them into the universe. Whatever may be the situations today, I respond with peace and love. In every scene of my life today I contribute towards creating a peaceful world.”

Our mind is a part of the Universal consciousness, the state of the world. If we create anger or any negative emotion, we are shifting the global consciousness towards negativity. Each time we choose a positive response, we are raising the vibration of the world. We are the creators of the world.

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