Clear and settle all karmic accounts

If values are the foundation for everything, the deeper we go into them, the more valuable we will feel. Our thoughts will be of higher quality, we will use our time in a worthwhile way and we will experience natural happiness. Living without values is like driving a car without shock absorbers. Sure you can move forward, maybe even get to your destination, but it will be no longer enjoyable, fulfilling or enriching.

“I am a pure being. I clear and settle all my karmic accounts. I have apologised to all who are hurt … I have forgiven those who I felt were not right to me. I have beautiful relationships with all … courtesy relationships with some. I have no relationship in which there are ill feelings. My past is settled … the present is clean … future is safe.”

Our every moment should be as if it is the last moment in this body. We do not know when we will change our costume, and so every moment should have karmic matters settled, soul light and pure. Our balance sheet of karmas should have only profit so that our present and future are secure.

Life is not always fair, but moaning about it is not really going to help or change anything. So you may as well stop moaning. How? Every time you have a moan, make yourself offer a solution or do something about the situation. If you cannot think of a solution or something to do, you are not allowed to moan about it.

“I am a loveful being. Happiness and health of my family and friends and my own is my priority. Even if there is a difference of opinion … I never create a period of negative silence. I am normal as if nothing has happened. Every time and with everyone I am normal immediately after the discussion … it is my sanskar to be normal irrespective of what has happened.”

When there is an unpleasant scene, some of us have created a habit of being silent for a few hours … days … weeks. We believe this silence is for our and their healing. This negative silence is very heavy energy which depletes everyone in that house especially children. Let us create a habit of being normal immediately always.

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