Book Review: The Love Dose

The author ‘Romil Zaveri‘ in this novel unveils a magical story that reveals the essence of life, love and loneliness. Life is a vicious circle, and it always completes itself is the simple essence that is reflected by ‘The Love Dose.’

Romil Zaveri is a vivid thinker and a true believer in the mysteries of life. This novel implants his belief in every way. The whole book is permeated with love, the fulfillment of expectations and maintenance of those relationships in a very natural and overwhelming way.

This book suggests that the author has an intense in-depth emotional connect with the universe. His emotions reflected throughout the book and in its plots and twists. That makes this book irreplaceably amicable! The book is inscribed in very simple language and thus is extremely reader-friendly of all age groups. Though, I would personally call it a book that suits most of the enthusiastic teenage reads. This book swings from time and again between the pragmatic approach and to the realistic approach towards love and life which increases its readability score.

Very pragmatically the author writes the following below sentences to embark today’s relationship and question the worth:

Society is the biggest judge out there. Like a judge who pronounces his judgment based on how both parties are dressed for the hearing. So in this ‘real’ world, we live in, why can’t they fall in ‘love’ at first sight, or post the first meeting?” (Page 7, The Love Dose by Romil Zaveri)

His words touch the right chords with the reader and at the right time. This story revealed around Sara, a beautiful young woman interested in modelling and her ventures in life. It’s the story about her quest for love and finding it. At a crucial point in the story, the author claims that ‘love is suffering.’ But, then at the end, he reveals majestically that ‘love is love’ and love begets love. That’s life! What a wonderful way the author discovered to explain life, sufferings and its goals.

Overall, the book is a must-read!

Rating: 4/5