Book Review: Mo (The Spotlight Tales Book 1): S Pearce

A fantabulous tale of fantasy that hovers over reality. A book perceived in any way reaches out to its audience scintillating enough to examine the perception of a person’s belief. The story unfolds with a young boy named “Mo” who wonders about a “Moth man” and the belief of his faith in the world which later changes as the story unveils.

“Mo” the real unbelievably stares at real world that tosses challenges to him starting from parents to teachers and to everything around him. The injustice and ignorance towards an innocent person who then and thereby are trapped by so-called the Jihadist fate has been portrayed so well that it seemed that the author wrote the context after an unusual and substantial research clubbed with his own personal experience.

This is the author’s very first debut novel and he presents the story in the most poised yet in a storming notion. It jolts the reader to ask questions to himself about how an innocent boy addicted to a gaming app suffers the atrocities of the society from nowhere and what options are left to him!

The ideologies in the book had been so well written that sharing an excerpt from the book became the need of the hour as just in a paragraph, it summarizes the entire life of a person.

“All creatures undergo a period of change, including you and me. And caterpillars. To discover who we are and what we want, we must take steps to forge our futures. You do this, in school perhaps. You learn your subjects, you excel in some and take exams. And you discover what you’ll be, transforming into adulthood, from boy to man. The caterpillar eats and grows, becomes this size,” he said, pointing once more at the creature, which continued to build the cocoon, oblivious to the eyes peering down upon it. “This one’s a late developer. But he is ready now for his exam, his transformation. He’ll become an Emperor.”

-Mo (The Spotlight Tales Book 1) by S Pearce, Page no. 46

Overall, the book is a must read and an ideology that can not be missed..!

Rating: 5/5