Book Review: Marital Advice to My Grandson, Joel

Peter Davidson, the Author successfully jotted down the most useful advice about the wedding bells significantly well! This book typecasts an amazingly generous man who had put his experience to use for his beloved Grandson and at the same time has given his readers a hilarious yet witty outlook to handle specific marriage scenarios when it comes to the women or “The Look” of the women as he states it.

I being a married woman myself couldn’t hold back from applauding his ideas and marital wisdom. The scenarios like loo-paper positioning, selecting a home to buy, the strategies to win/lose etc. all have been impeccably put across to the readers blatantly on a plate but wrapped inside a lot of irresistible humourous cake. He unconditionally summarizes his experience as a guide to the gen now and calls it “A Lifetime of Magic.” His wonderful insights on life can help the reader handle matters of the heart quite amicably.

My favourite out of all had been the part where he explains the unsaid behaviour of any woman comfortably in words which can be found in the chapter “Her silent, but very loud, language.” Overall this book is a must read! It’s a pure bliss filled with great wedding advice.

 P.S.- This book largely contains some real stuff from life and can give you quite a beautiful answer to the question, “What goes inside my wife’s head?”