Book Review: Giran Priceless Memories

The author ‘Sahil Miglani’ is an intellectual poet and a song lyricist. His manifesto ‘Giran: Priceless Memories” is quite an unusual poetic compilation of words, vision, emotions and deep solicitude. His creativity with the words turns the world’s most negative impressions into a beautiful undeniable positive wonder. For instance, his word from the poem “Uphaas”:

“Berang si hai ye duniya, yahaan na koi apna, na koi paraaya,

Na koi manzil hai, na koi kaarwaan.

Tanhaa iss safar mein, hasne do koi hasta hai toh.”

This book is a solid mixture of a pinch of love emotions and emotions of attaining highest self-power as mentioned in:

“Muqaddar se nahi bante raaste,

raaste bante hain iraadon se.”

The Author narrates the emotions through his pen-power overtly well to the people of all groups and ages who otherwise are not comfortable sharing their thoughts. The book is quite provocative and can make one think over and over again about one self’s vivid imagination and the secrets that he/she has never revealed to the world.

What may amuse the reader is the selection of the poetry that starts with silence (Khamoshiyan) and ends with childhood (Bachpan). It traverses from all the stages of life flamboyantly. Though, if the reader chooses to read the poetries by linking them to the life pattern, they might find a beautiful connection between each of them. Though the placement of the poetries could have been ordered properly to make it more readable and equally understandable, the Author had tried his best to keep the liveliness across.

Also, the book can be classified more as a prose and hence is an interesting verse to read: Short and jubilant. For a special reviewer pick and to know the heart of the Author, one can read “Meri Maa” (My Mother) which has a beautiful ardent contour.

“Meri aankhon mein chipa har raaz, woh pal mein he samajh jaati hai,

Meri zindagi ka lamhonko phoolon sa mehkati hai,

Meri Maa…”

All in all, the book is a delightful read..!

Stars: 3.5/5