Book Review: Equations of a Being

The author of “Equations of a Being” is quite a visionary and an intellectual literary person. This book celebrates the presence of a being in a totally unsolicited world quite amusingly. His imagination renders the thought of the brutal existence of intangible life assets a reason to be expressed, freed and felt. He beautifully mentions the same in his book as:

“Passing a judgment on a being is the limitation of the mind. Passing a judgment on life is the limitation of mortality.” (Page no. 43, Equations of a Being)

This book openly portrays the delirious imagination of a being who not only supports the vivid imagination of being a man but also supports and glorify the womanhood and in his ecstasy reveals the emerald power of a woman and as he calls it “A bare woman!”

Later, he summarizes the book by stating the hardcore fact of mortality. He urges the reader to liberate himself from the worldly woes and let his mind flow and rebel the controlling force that stops the man’s freedom of expression.

Overall, the book is a must read and can be classified as an incognito work of literary solitude!