Book Review: Don’t Let the Kitten Drive the Car!

Don’t let the kitten drive the car is a tale of a visually impaired girl and her new pet-friend (a cat) called as Simba. This is a must read-through if you love pets. In case you don’t, then this will leave you wanting for one. Being a pet-parent myself, I could easily relate and enjoy the tactics of Simba shared by the author in the book. Every page reminded me of the love and the beauty of being a pet-parent. On the other hand, Akriti had been advocated as a strong and high spirited girl. This book leaves us believing the fact that all that differently abled people want from society is acceptance and love! The technology might have just evolved right enough to help the visually impaired people, but peer support is much more encouraging.

This book by ‘Akanksha Sharma’ brings in a myriad of beautiful surprises for the young readers. This book showcases the correct blend of humour, entertainment and principles.

Overall, the book is a must read especially for the children. The ideologies shared in this book cannot be missed!

Rating: 4/5

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