“AUM Poetica”

The name stands for “Active Unique Mind Poetry,” and is a subsidiary of “AUM Werko.

The work thus revolves around the beauty of life, mindful living and mother nature who constantly inspires us, teaches us and guides us. Every experience is beautiful and must be appreciated is what ‘AUM Poetica’ holds its motto as!

AUM Poetica was earlier named as ‘Poulomi’s Abode Masterworks’ and was brought to life on 27th October 2015. On 12th October 2020, it got its new name as it transited from just being a blog to a platform which encouraged its readers to pause, think, appreciate and then work. Through the poetries and blogs that are written by “Poulomi Mukherjee Reddy,’ the founder and author of AUM Poetica, this platform is set on a journey to preserve the love of poetry, literary works, passion towards travelling and the poetical way of looking at the mother nature and the wildlife. “Poulomi’s Abode®” is the pen name of the Author.

“Sometimes, writing is the only way to light the fire within.”

-Poulomi Mukherjee Reddy

It has the fire to mould the iron into an amazing and powerful tool using words. Hence, AUM Poetica comprises of “thoughts turned into tools to motivate and change the world around”. The writer “Poulomi M Reddy” commonly called “Poulomi or Pauli” tries her best to implement the thrust of motivation through her daily quotes, unmanned poems and writing. Easy insight into her story can be well grinning sometimes! She relied on herself even after many strong oppositions from people around her and continued writing. The work at AUM Poetica revolves around words that are unsaid in daily life from the point of view of a person but comprise of feelings that define a person’s attitude towards life. The simple amplification of such words put together in form of quotations, poems, stories etc. defines “AUM Poetica” as Poulomi always believes that there are moments in someone’s life when a person wants to speak a lot about self but can not. He/she generally fall short of words when it comes to expressing emotions and hence emotions can be best said without voice i.e. writing makes the word prominent. Every piece of writing, if it is able to touch someone’s heart basically explains the depth of emotions that particular writing piece has.

As J.R.R. Tolkein rightfully said:


adding on the above, Poulomi acknowledges: